¿Cómo estudiar en el Reino Unido?


Higher Education in the UK!


General information on how to go about initiating a search for universities in the UK, general requirements including English levels to be able to apply, overview on costs involved, reasons why UK is the ultimate study location and brief glimpse of courses which are offered and expected graduation qualifications.


We will also talk briefly about British Council’s ELT Placement Program that offers courses (between 2 weeks to 1year) to improve English levels.


TARGET SUBJECT AREAS for Road Show in November 2014


1.     Business, Management, Administration, Economy

2.     Information and communications technology (ICT)

3.     Natural Sciences and Medicine

4.     Engineering

5.     Energy and mining

6.     Education and Languages

7.     Law, Social Sciences, International Relations

8.     Nutrition and Agro industry

9.     Culture and Society

10.   Media and Communications

11.   Arts and Design


Conferencista: Rose Williams | Education Projects Manager (SIEM)
Fecha: miércoles 17 de septiembre
Hora: 5:00 pm a 7:00 pm
Lugar: Asociación de Egresados de la Universidad de los Andes


Dirigido a: estudiantes, egresados, profesores y empleados de la Universidad de los Andes


IMPORTANTE: estas charlas son ofrecidas únicamente para la comunidad Uniandina

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